Hiring home care assistance for your elderly or disabled loved one can be a difficult process. However, it is an important step in ensuring that they are safe and secure in the comfort of their own home. Home healthcare agencies, such as SafeHarbor, can help reduce the stress of scrambling to find care assistance for your loved one. This article will explore why hiring a home healthcare agency such as SafeHarbor is important in covering these concerns while guaranteeing your loved one receives proper care. SafeHarbor exceeds regulatory requirements in-home care, which can help reduce the stress of scrambling to find care assistance for your loved one.

Screening Workers

Unlike independent caregivers, agencies usually do background checks on their aides. For many agencies, this can also include drug testing. This helps reduce the overall risks of theft, elder abuse, and neglect.

Backup Care

When working with an individual for your loved one’s care, there isn’t a backup option if the caregiver becomes sick or quits. When hiring an agency, you can rest assured that a substitute or replacement aide will be ready to assist your loved one if needed.

Upgrading Care with an Agency

As your loved one’s condition changes over time, your agency can work with you to provide more hands-on care. If your loved one requires more round-the-clock care or even a home nurse; your agency can work with you to find the best solution fast. This may include switching to a more experienced aide.

Liability Protection

With independent aides, liability is usually on the homeowner if the aide is injured. Agency caregivers are covered under the agency’s liability insurance. This removes risks from families and homeowners.

Less Paperwork Through an Agency

Because you are paying an agency, rather than an individual, there is a lot less paperwork involved for families. Paying an independent aide usually causes families to deal with tax forms, insurance paperwork, and other forms that can quickly fill up the file cabinet. The agency takes care of payroll, scheduling, and taxes.

Concerns and Complaints

By working with an agency, you have more control over any complaints and comments given to the agency. Aides are held accountable by the agency, so your concerns are more likely to be heard.

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