The SafeHarbor team approach essentially gives all our clients total case management at no extra cost. When we provide services to you or a family member, our team becomes your team.

Your team includes the coordinator, nursing supervisor, insurance benefits assistant, and professional caregiver. To ensure superior quality and total satisfaction, we work collaboratively with physicians, guardians, lawyers, and pharmacists. If needed we arrange for food and pharmaceutical delivery and any other services necessary for the patient’s well being.  At SafeHarbor, our priorities are you and your family.


Nursing Supervisors

Nursing Supervisors ensure that clients receive the optimum care from our field staff by monitoring their skills and services. They maintain ongoing communication and revisions of the plan of care if needed. They regularly review the nursing notes that have been prepared by our caregivers to ensure that safe and competent care is being delivered. They speak with the patient’s physician and pharmacist when appropriate and are in direct and ongoing communication with the field staff. They are always available to answer any questions you or your family may have.

Business Management

The Business Management team is responsible for sending an accurate invoice to our clients on a weekly basis. These invoices are generated in coordination with the weekly schedule and with the receipt of signed employees’ time slips. They are available to answer any questions concerning billing and payment.


Professional Caregivers

Professional Caregivers provide the hands-on services to our patients. These include our highly qualified RNs and LPNs to meet personalized medical needs as well as our Certified Home Health Aides(CHHA)  to provide assistance with a wide variety of services to meet each patient’s individualized needs. Please visit our services provided section of this website which details some of the services our dedicated caregivers provide.


Our administrator is responsible to ensure that the highest quality of care is given to each patient and that all SafeHarbor policies and governmental regulations are followed. She also welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions or concerns of the patient or family member.


Employee Screening & Training:

We pride ourselves in employing the best qualified individuals to care for our clients. Each of our employees, whether they are Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Home Health Aides, Personal Care Aides or Child Care Workers are put through a rigorous credentialing process. They submit a copy of their current license or certification, proof of citizenship, previous employment verification, current annual physical examination, personal and professional references and a photo ID. Fingerprinting, under the auspices of the New York State Department of Health, and background checks are performed on all employees.

In order to provide the latest data in precautionary healthcare measures, we regularly schedule in-service lectures, skill assessments and distribute informational brochures. We follow the New York State Department of Health Rules and Regulations. Our nursing supervisors regularly evaluate the skills and performance of all our employees including observing employees during home visits to insure that our clients are being given superior quality care and that each member of the team meets and exceeds the high standards we set.