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On behalf of myself and my family, I want to express my deep gratitude to all the staff At Safe Harbor for your work and involvement in caring for my dad, Dan Dougherty: Your kind and professional services helped us in so many ways. I know that many hours, hard work, and professional concern were given to his care.

Mary Brady, I never personally met you, but I know that you came to our house when my Dad needed your care and evaluation. We are so grateful for your aid.

Richard, I can hardly find enough words to say thank you. We are so grateful for you, and for Your service to dad and to our whole family. Your many hours of personal care, comfort, and kind involvement were greatly appreciated. Your listening skills And your viewpoints were helpful to us many times. You were a friend to my dad and to All of us. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Ishmael (my apologies it! Have spelled your -name wrong) – our 3 pm. Worker, we are so grateful for You. You had a busy, and sometimes challenging time when you came to clean my dad. You were kind, patient, and you were faithful in caring for him. You stayed with him Through the good times and the bad. Thank you so much. We could not have made it through the day without you.

With Gratitude,
(Philippians 1:3 “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you.”) 

Mary Dooling, daughter, and The Daniel Dougherty family

Thank You for your loving kindness, your devotion and compassion, and your friendship. You are a big part of the reason my parents were so beautifully cared for.

Thank you for also caring for me along the way. I could not have done any of this without you.

I will be eternally grateful to you for all you have done for us.

All My Love,



Mary Brady, all the office staff, and the aids became like family. I would not have been able to get through the difficulty of both my parent’s illnesses without them. They were kind, helpful and supportive providing both advice and support. In the process we have made some lifelong friends.
Michael and Cecile D.

We are grateful for the professional hands on care and emotional support that the two nursing assistants contribute to Roger’s every day needs. Their innate character, integrity, and patience and their individual personalities are very important and valuable to the patient care process and the emotional well-being of the primary caregiver, myself. They are interesting, intelligent conversationalists, adapt quickly, and are very compatible with our life and daily living. 

Safe Harbor Health Care Services has provided us with excellent help. Tasha is an excellent worker. She is a keeper. Thank you.
Lorraine N.

Our dad Dan enjoys conversing with Richard from Safeharbor Health Care Services. I enjoy that he cleans Dan well and changes the bed!
Mary D.

Monica has been very important in caring for Joe. She puts up with a lot, and always tries to smile at him when he acts up.  She is patient and very caring. We are blessed to have her.

Thank You

Safe Harbor Health Care Services

Rita C.

Safe Harbor Healthcare Services has provided us with lovely ladies that are very caring and capable.

Employees consistently went above and beyond in taking care of Rose and making sure all her needs were met. I can’t express how grateful I am that SafeHarbor was there to care for Rose. SafeHarbor was a Godsend. 

Recently, Mrs. A has worked a variety of shifts and can easily adapt to the schedule of medication administration, feedings and activities. A few medications are given a few times a day, but the doses vary and Mrs. A always cross checks the doses. She interacts with Alexia very well and is very animated. Mrs. A does many activities with Alexia. 

I live in Florida and on all my trips to Staten Island to see my ill sister, I was elated to see how wonderful her nurse, Isatu, was to her.  During the night, she was at my sister’s side constantly, never fell asleep and attended to all her needs.  She made my sister’s last days as comfortable as possible.  Thank you SafeHarbor for sending her to us.  
Camille M.

Recently I was in SIUH for surgery.  I had the benefit of being under the care of your employee, Rosa.  Her professionalism was very evident. Her caring and kindness represents your company 100%.  She is a credit to SafeHarbor.  
Antoinette C.

It is a pleasure to have your RN, Bomi as the caregiver to my daughter Erin.  She is very knowledgeable in her patient’s care, is compassionate and gives us hope for Erin’s future.  She is a truly professional caregiver.  
Kimberly Y.

Thank you for everything you did while my father was ill.  We could not have made it through that difficult time without the outstanding efforts of the SafeHarbor staff, particularly Ajoke.  They were all incredibly kind, caring and a tremendous support to us all.   
Richard D.

We wish to extend our compliments to your employee, Christiana. for the outstanding service she provided my husband while he was in Richmond University Hospital.  She never left him alone and made sure she didn’t leave until someone was there to relieve her.  As a family we all felt comfortable leaving him alone in her care.  We would highly recommend SafeHarbor and Christiana to everyone.  
Family of Guy V.

When my dad left University Hospital he was sent home with a nurse’s aide, Albert B. from SafeHarbor.  During his brief time at home, he received exceptional care.  Albert showed sensitivity to my father’s age and condition and treated my dad with reverence and caring in a very dignified manner.  Though Albert’s own father-in-law had passed away the very same day as my father, he showed us nothing but compassion and sympathy for our loss.   
Family of John B.

My son is chronically ill but he smiles when he sees the SafeHarbor nurse come in the door.  She has helped him and me cope with the complications of his illness. 
Lori from Willowbrook