As we further navigate the global COVID-19 pandemic, the world is learning more about best practices for safety in this new normal. Many industries have adapted to operate through the coronavirus, and home healthcare is no different. This article will explore how COVID-19 has taught us more about how to best protect our clients and their families.

Telecommunication with Medical Professionals

Many doctors and other medical professionals are now offering telecommunication appointments. This can help your loved one take certain appointments in the comfort of their own home. While telecommunication appointments may not be able to fully replace all of their appointments, they can help reduce potential viral exposure. Additionally, telecommunications can reduce travel costs for your loved one.

Safety at Home

Care at home means that your loved one is limiting their exposure to potential coronavirus risks. Most other care options for elderly individuals involve higher interaction counts, which can raise the potential risk posed to your loved one. Staying home, wearing a mask when not at home, and following social distancing protocols can help your loved one reduce their risk of contracting the virus

Connecting With Grandkids Online After COVID-19

In light of COVID-19,  many elderly individuals had to embrace technology to communicate better with their families. Grandparents are learning to communicate with grandchildren by text or video chat. Staying connected with family members in this way can have a positive effect on your elderly loved one’s morale.

COVID-19 Expanded Delivery Services

While many delivery services existed long before COVID-19, more and more companies are expanding their services to provide for their local communities. This means that it is becoming increasingly easier for your loved ones to get everything they need at home. Many grocery stores can ship essentials to your loved one’s home. These can even be automated for their convenience. Many pharmacies are offering similar services for medications.

Having a Trusted Friend at Home

Safe Harbor’s home health aides are not just there for the physical wellbeing of your elderly loved one, but their mental wellbeing too. Having a trusted friend and caretaker to visit them at home can help them feel better about their situation. Isolation took a major toll on many elderly individuals across the country during the peak months of the pandemic. Having an aide to care for them, and provide companionship can help your loved one feel less lonely. Above all, our licensed home health aides take precautions to avoid coronavirus exposure for the protection of your loved one.

Safe Harbor Healthcare Services does not provide medical or healthcare advice via articles. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for medical advice.
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