Imagine picking up the phone, calling a neighbor, asking for a ride to the airport or to accompany you to a doctor’s appointment, no questions asked. Need snow shoveled? Just ask. Organizations such as the Village Movement are becoming more popular. The Village Movement, currently in 45 states and Washington D.C., is a collective that links aging members to a network of volunteers, such as plumbers, electricians, and other affordable professionals who will help a retiree where needed. These collectives are springing up in additional areas across the country to help retirees age in place.

Independence and Asking for Help

People in their 70’s and 80’s do not want to ask for help. They want to stay in their own home where they are familiar and comfortable instead of moving closer to family or into a retirement home where there is less maintenance. Paying membership fees to the Village Movement helps provide support to retirees who want to stay independent in their own homes and keep active in their communities. Ensuring a better quality of life is a primary goal of this movement.

Treating the Community Like A Village

Village Movements are found in different cities and towns around the country. Some receive government grants and donations to help with expenses. They are supported by both volunteers and paid staff. The teams can provide services such as food deliveries, cell phone help, and computer support. As COVID-19 hit our country, isolation became a big issue. In some areas, members were treated to drive-by birthday parties and Zoom exercise classes.

The Younger Generation Helping the Elderly

The pandemic has brought younger people who may not be retirees to the movement. Assisting with computer and tech issues, walking dogs, and yard work are helping lay the groundwork for their own future as they know where they want to be in the years to come. Volunteering with the movement is an investment in their own future. Younger generations generally do not want a future where nursing homes are an inevitability of getting older. Overall, they can form partnerships with organizations and utilize available community resources to help with finances.

Village Life and Individual Support

The last few years have shown us how quickly the elderly can become isolated and in need of a caring community close to their home. Members of community collectives can feel very lucky to have people around them to provide support. While this can be a successful model for a caring support system for the elderly, it is also important to establish individual support.
Daily home and health support from a home health aide can help ensure that your loved one is getting the care they need throughout their day. While community support can be great, it is also important to make sure that all of your loved one’s individual needs are met. SafeHarbor offers home healthcare services for elderly and disabled individuals who need support at home.

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Adapted from The New York Times