As travel restrictions loosen, many Americans are planning vacations. After a year of quarantining and social distancing, it can be exciting to travel for some much-needed time away from home. However, it is important to plan accordingly for your trip. This article will explore tips for seniors traveling in 2021.

Travel Restrictions and Quarantine Time

Some states or countries may require quarantine time or COVID-19 testing at the hotel or airport. Be sure to do your due diligence in learning about these restrictions. Hotel quarantines may require you to expand your vacation time.
Alternatively, the USA or your state may have restrictions regarding travel to and from certain countries. Be sure to check local ordinances to ensure that you can get home more easily.

Travel and Vaccinations or Masks

Most areas of the country are not requiring masks if you are vaccinated against COVID-19. Countries around the globe, especially those that do not have as much access to the vaccine, may have different mask requirements. Be sure to plan ahead and bring masks, even if they are not required, as some private businesses or tourist attractions may still require them. Be sure to bring your vaccination card, or a photocopy of it, with you.

Travel Insurance and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic can create problematic situations for your travel plans. Consider investing in travel insurance that may help you be more flexible as you get closer to your travel dates. Standard travel insurance may not cover coronavirus-related trip changes. Consider looking into “Cancel for Any Reason” plans.

Outdoor Activities on Vacation

Based on your level of mobility, consider planning for more outdoor activities. Most cities have parks, botanical gardens, zoos, and more that can be fun for the whole family. Be sure to check if these will be open during your vacation, as some may not be fully open to the public at the moment.

Guided Trips

Guided tour vacations are generally all-inclusive vacations that take you from city to city for a variety of activities and experiences. Consider looking for tours that include smaller group sizes and are senior-friendly. Some tour companies assume that their clients can walk all day, so be sure to find a company that caters to seniors who may not have full mobility, if necessary.

Packing Medications While Traveling

When traveling, it is important to properly pack your medications. Be sure to pack enough for the trip, plus extra just in case. The TSA does not require the labeling of medications, but it can still be helpful to you and your family to have them marked. Communicate with your family about your medication schedule, as it is not uncommon to lose track of time on vacation. They can help you stay on track as needed. For more information on flights and medication, visit the TSA FAQ page on medication, here.

CDC Guidelines for Travel

Be sure to pay attention to announcements from the CDC regarding travel restrictions and travel safety tips as the pandemic continues. For domestic travel safety guidelines, click here. For safety guidelines when traveling abroad, click here.

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