When an older loved one is discharged after a serious hospital stay, their healthcare and recovery do not stop once they get home. Many older people, especially those who live alone, can worsen their condition without the right care and assistance. Several complications can arise after your loved one is discharged from the hospital. Because of this, proper in-home care is essential to a good recovery. By hiring a home healthcare aide or nurse; you can have peace of mind as your loved one recovers.

Maintaining Independence After A Hospital Stay

One of the biggest pushbacks to in-home care is losing their sense of independence. This is a valid concern, but your loved one should know that you are bringing in assistance for their health and safety. Home healthcare aides are not there to limit independence, but to keep them safe and healthy.

Specialized Care For Your Loved One

It is not uncommon for those who undergo a severe hospital visit or operation to require more specialized care at home to recover effectively. Without professional care services, an older adult’s odds of being readmitted to the hospital within 30 to 60 days can double. After a severe hospital visit, living independently can be dangerous for older adults.
If your loved one suffers from a more severe fall, an aide can reduce the risk of another occurring. If your loved one had a heart attack or stroke, the aide can reduce stress in the home, and be prepared to call for medical assistance if needed.

In-Home Care After a Hospital Stay

Victims of falls, heart attacks, strokes, and other conditions are generally better off having some assistance at home once discharged from the hospital. After a fall or another physical injury, they may need help around the house, bathing, and more. Bruises, sprains, and broken bones need to rest to recover.
After a life-threatening episode such as a heart attack or stroke, they may need more constant care and assistance. But for at least the first few weeks after the hospital discharge, it is vital to have in-home care and monitoring. At least 1 in 4 stroke victims will suffer from another one within a year. After the first heart attack, the risk suffering from of a second one can increase significantly.

Recovery After Surgery

For those who underwent surgery at the hospital, home healthcare can be vital for recovery. Infections, bed sores, and further complications can be quick to follow if they do not receive sufficient care. Anti-inflammatory and/or antibiotic medications need to be properly taken as prescribed for proper recovery.

Medicare Assistance

Under Medicare, your loved one can receive coverage for home health care assistance for their recovery. This can be vital for many older individuals who can’t afford this care otherwise. In most cases, Medicare will usually cover 4 to 6 weeks of home health care after a hospital discharge.

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