Summer is in full swing and SafeHarbor Healthcare has a few suggestions to enjoy these hot summer days and evenings with outdoor activities to keep you and your loved one social, active and happy!


As prices of groceries climb, planting a few favorite fruits and vegetables can be rewarding in more ways than one. Sharing gardening responsibilities with your family members allows all of you to stay flexible, keep a daily routine and eat healthier! Try to get together to tend to an outdoor garden in the morning or early evening when possible. This will help you avoid the hottest hours of the day. If yard space is not available, a few pots can hold the tomato, pepper, or strawberry plants. Herbs such as parsley, basil, mint, and thyme work well on apartment windowsills and add dimension to meals. Enjoy the bounty of your labor with a lunch or dinner to celebrate the fruits of your labor!

Summer Activities: Picnics and BBQs

Outdoor dining can be an extravagant meal or a simple sandwich at the beach or park. Some parks have BBQ areas where your family can gather together to cook BBQ and enjoy the outdoors. Packing a picnic to share with family and friends can be a nice way to relax and catch up in the fresh air. Outdoor games can be set up to enjoy also. Be sure to pack sunblock and plenty of water if it’s hot outside. Try to keep your loved one in the shade if possible.


A simple walk around the block or neighborhood is a wonderful way to exercise and can be social too. Walking with your loved one, family, or friends and meeting people along the way is rewarding and relaxing. Adding a walk to your daily routine is a healthy way to stay in shape. It also has the added benefit of connecting with your loved one. You can discuss and reminisce with old memories about the neighborhood and things you see along the way. Join a walking group with your loved one if they are able. Try some other activities during your walk, such as bird-watching excursions in the park. It can be a calming and fun way to connect with nature in your area. Again, don’t forget to hydrate and wear sunblock.

Outdoor Movies and Concerts

Local organizations or restaurants often host outdoor movies or concerts in the evenings during the summer. They are entertaining and safer than an indoor movie during COVID. Bring chairs, pack snacks and a blanket for yourself and your loved one and enjoy the stars in the sky and the stars on the screen and stage!

Staying Safe During Summer Activities

Remember to keep yourself and your loved one hydrated, wear the proper lightweight clothing and use sunblock. This will help ensure a relaxing good time for you and your loved one all summer long. Additional sun protection, such as a sunhat, can be helpful. There are still risks of catching COVID-19, so be sure to wear a mask if it will make you feel more comfortable being around others.

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