Millions of Americans provide care for their elderly or disabled family members, but this often comes at a cost. It can be hard to care for an elderly parent because it puts a strain on your relationship. Family members that act as caregivers often put their loved one’s health, safety, and happiness over their own, which can create a lot of tension. Introducing a professional home health aide into your loved one’s care plan can greatly improve the relationship between elderly individuals and the family members that most closely care for them.

How a Home Health Aide Helps Your Loved One

A professional home health aide provides care, companionship, and light housekeeping to meet the needs of your elderly or disabled loved one. This can include trips to doctor’s appointments, bathing assistance, and more. They can help your family member when you are not available to do so. Because of this, your loved one can receive more complete care.

A Professional Caregiver Prevents Family Role Reversal

One of the reasons that many individuals experience relationship strains when caregiving for an elderly parent is because of their role reversal. Your loved one may feel like you are stripping them of their independence. This role reversal can make both parties uncomfortable with the often intimate aspects of caregiving. A professional caregiver helps mitigate this strain by providing more of that care themselves. This allows the family to begin to repair their relationship.

Spending Quality, Family Time With Elderly Parents

A family caregiver will spend a lot of their time with their elderly loved one. But, it is often to care for them and help them, rather than spending quality time with them. This can feel like a chore rather than spending time with someone you love. You don’t get to truly enjoy and appreciate the time you spend with them. Hiring a home health aide allows you and your loved one to focus on being a family.

Reducing Stress of the Younger Generation

Family caregivers often have to put aside their own career, life, family, love life, and health to care for their elderly or disabled parents. This can be incredibly stressful. According to the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC), 23% of family caregivers say that providing care has made their health worse. Overall, hiring a professional home caregiver allows you to have the time to focus on your own needs.

Professional Caregivers Help You Rest Easier

It can be incredibly stressful being the sole caretaker of your elderly parent. Hiring a professional caregiver to look after your loved one means that you can rest assured that they are receiving quality care.

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