During the heat of Summer, rolling blackouts may occur in some neighborhoods. Power loss can mean no access to fans, air conditioners, and other ways to keep cool. Older people can be especially vulnerable to heat-related illness and even death. Because of this, you should prepare your loved one in case of power outages. Below, we will discuss some tips for Summer blackouts for seniors.

Power Generators for Summer Blackouts

While a generator is an easy solution to a blackout, it not be as practical for aging or disabled individuals. Generators, especially the ones powerful enough to run a house, can be out of budget for most seniors. Furthermore, if your loved one lives in an apartment, they might not be able to install a generator. If it is within their budget and can be properly installed, consider investing in a generator. But it is likely not practical for your loved one’s living situation.

Emergency Supplies for their Home

Keeping the home stocked with supplies can be necessary during a blackout. Below, we will list a variety of supplies that you should always keep in stock in your loved one’s home.

  • Spare batteries
  • Non-perishable food
  • Bottled water
  • Flashlights
  • First aid kit
  • Portable chargers for mobile devices


Staying Cool During Power Outages

Rolling power outages during heat waves can help keep the rest of the electric grid running, but it can cause some people to deal with heat-related illness and even death in severe cases. Because of this, your loved one needs to stay cool. They should also be drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration. When possible, bring them to a loved one’s house with power. Otherwise, check with your local library, rec center, or other public air-conditioned space. If that location still has power, spend time with your loved one there.

In-Home Aides During Power Outages

If your loved one has a home health aide, they may be able to assist during power outages. A home health aide can help keep them hydrated and cool. It can also be important to have a professional around if your loved one needs medical assistance due to heat-related illness or heat stroke.

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