Fall is here, and as the leaves change color, there are plenty of family activities. This article will examine some fun activities for the whole family this October, including grandma and grandpa.

Walks in the Park

See the changing leaves in your local park by taking a nice family walk. Plan your hike ahead of time, including your route and possible rest stops. Parks with paved paths and trails are best to allow your older family members opportunities to rest when needed.  Look for well-paved and maintained trails to reduce the risk of injury.

October Apple and Pumpkin Picking

Many farms are a short drive away and offer fall festivities. Research options that are family-friendly and wheelchair-accessible. From apple pie to apple cider, there are a lot of fun cooking activities your family can do with your collected apples. After picking pumpkins, consider painting them, which is a safer alternative to carving.

Baking Together

Baking is an excellent way for grandparents to pass on skills and traditions to their grandchildren. Nothing beats a homemade dessert. Baking a fresh apple pie or other autumnal dessert is a great way to create memories this Fall.


For sports lovers, tailgating is a great way to spend the day. While your older loved ones may not be comfortable spending all day in the stadium parking lot anymore, you can host a tailgating party at home. October is a great time to tailgate a football game before it gets too cold out.

October Board Game Nights

Board game nights are a great way to spend an October evening. As the days get shorter, it’s a great way to spend quality family time indoors. Overall, look for games that will fit the skill levels of all players, from young children to grandparents.

Gardening In October

October is a good time to plant a garden. A lot of pesky weeds lie dormant during this time. If you wait until it is closer to winter, the ground will be harder because of the cold. Many plants can survive the cold winter for a beautiful garden come Spring. Plant flowers like tulips, daffodils, and violas now for Spring blooms. Additionally, many winter vegetables can thrive in the cold. These include hearty, leafy plants such as kale, some cabbage varietals, brussels sprouts, and spinach. Broccoli, cauliflower, and radishes can also grow well in our area.

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