When your family discusses potential long-term care options, it can feel scary. For many senior citizens, accepting that you may need long-term care is like giving up your independence. Unfortunately, your health and safety may be more important. This article will discuss options to help you maintain more of your independence, while still receiving the additional help that you might require as you age.

Be Involved in Planning

Active involvement in planning for your long-term care will give you more autonomy in the final decisions. It is important for you to have a say in your care, so long as you go through with that care plan. If you are able to help your family decide what is best for you, you can find more comfort in the decision.

Exploring Different Options

From in-home care to assisted living, each long-term care option has its pros and cons. If your independence is an important factor to you, consider care options that allow you to keep more of your own autonomy. This may include hiring a home health aide or in-home nursing care. Being able to continue to live in your own home instead of an elder care facility can make you feel more comfortable with receiving the care you need.

Finding the Right Fit For You

Your independence is important to your comfort when receiving care. Figuring out the right level of care without compromising your independence too much is key to finding a compromise that your family will be comfortable with. This may include adjusting how much time your home health aide spends with you, for example.

SafeHarbor Respects Independence and Safety

SafeHarbor’s staff work with you and your family to create a care plan that works for everyone involved. We respect our client’s wants and help them to feel like their needs are met. Our home health aides provide expert care without moving you into an elder care facility. You’ll be able to receive the care you need while living where you are at your most comfortable.

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