Heart disease is a serious condition that affects millions and is the cause of death in hundreds of thousands of Americans. Improving your heart health is an essential part of improving your quality of life and overall longevity. This article will discuss ways to generally improve your heart health.

Your Heart Health and Your Diet

Proper nutrition and portion control are key to a healthy lifestyle. An improved diet can reduce weight, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease or developing diabetes. Most heart-healthy diets prioritize a lot of the same nutritious foods. Vegetables, especially greens, are essential. Fruits such as berries, apples, citrus, and melons provide plenty of healthy vitamins and fiber. Whole grains, fish, eggs, and high-protein items can help round out the diet. Healthy fats from nuts and avocados can also be important. Reducing processed foods, and foods with high salt or sugar content can also be a major part of maintaining a proper diet. Be sure to discuss with your physician any major dietary changes you plan on making. Some medications may also require limiting the consumption of certain foods.

Exercising and Your Heart

Physical activity is vital for longevity and heart health. Proper exercise can help decrease risk factors for heart disease, such as excess weight, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Additionally, exercising is important in reducing the risk of diabetes. Make sure to consult with your physician regarding exercise plans and work with them to see how much exercise you can handle. Even taking walks around the block can be an improvement to your health, if you do not usually exercise.

Stop Smoking

It should go without saying, but cigarettes are not good for you. Smokers are at a higher risk for heart disease because of multiple complications that can be caused by cigarettes. Nicotine makes blood vessels smaller, which can increase the chance of a clot. Carbon monoxide from smoke can damage and destroy heart vessels and muscles. Additionally, smoking can lead to a variety of cancers and other health complications. Quitting smoking can also improve the health of loved ones around you. Second-hand smoke can increase the risk of developing heart disease by up to 30%.

Reduce Stress

Stress can be a major factor in developing heart disease. Stress can create inflammation and swelling in the body. Additionally, reducing stress can limit additional problems from coping mechanisms such as overeating or substance abuse. Meditation, exercise, practicing self-care, and hobbies can improve mood and reduce stress.

Sleep and Heart Health

People who sleep less have been found to be more likely to have a heart attack. Getting a solid 8 hours of restful sleep each day is important for a variety of health functions. Sleeping helps with lowering blood pressure, relaxing muscles, tissue repair, and more. Sleep also helps manage the body’s metabolism, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

Help at Home and Your Heart Health

It can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle at an advanced age. Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle at it alone. Hiring a home health aide from SafeHarbor Healthcare Services may be the answer. Our professional aides can assist you in daily tasks, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and more. They can even accompany you on exercise walks or doctor visits. A home health aide can help you improve your quality of life as well as your heart health.

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