Father’s Day is fast approaching. While looking for a perfect gift for a dad or grandfather in your life, it can also be a great idea to plan a fun outing with them. Father’s Day is about showing your appreciation for all of the care and support they have shown over the years. This article will explore some fun activities to do with your senior father or grandfather.

Golf Outing or Driving Range

Golfing is a popular pastime for many senior dads. Consider planning a golf outing with your loved one. As golf can be expensive and time-consuming, you may also want to think about a trip to the driving range. Driving ranges can be fun for non-golfers, and don’t require as much skill to enjoy them. Some golf courses or ranges will offer special deals for father’s day.


Fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed at a local lake, river, or boardwalk. It is a great activity for grandparents to bond with their grandkids. Be sure to look into local ordinances regarding fishing laws, such as catch and release.

Father’s Day Meal

Firing up the backyard grill is a great way to spend Father’s Day. While your dad may want to take over, let your dad see how much you have learned from him when it comes to grilling. Alternatively, consider ordering in from or going to your father’s favorite restaurant.

Movie Night

Watch a movie together as a family. You can let your father pick, or choose a movie that you have bonded over in the past. Sharing a favorite movie with the whole family can be a great opportunity to show the younger generation an exciting movie that they may have never heard of.

Consider Your Senior Father’s Health When Planning Activities

While it is important for your father to feel appreciated this father’s day, it is also vital to understand his limitations when it comes to activities. Be sure to take into consideration any physical limitations that he may have with your father’s day plans. Consider bringing a chair for him to the fishing spot. Leave a seat in the shade for the barbeque. Factor in any dietary restrictions, such as lessened salt content, when planning meals for the day.

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