Every year, millions of Americans make resolutions to better their lives in the new year. This year, why not make resolutions to help better the life of an elderly loved one in your life? This article will discuss a few important aspects of elder care that you can help your loved one with this year.

Elder Care and Improving Their Diet

When you eat better, you feel better. Many people try to lose weight and eat healthier in the new year, and your elderly loved one can benefit from this too. Improving your loved one’s diet can increase their energy levels as well as their overall health. Together with your loved one, plan to buy healthier ingredients, and work with them to make better food. If they are struggling in the kitchen, consider helping them by meal prepping for the week. Be sure to discuss dietary restrictions with their doctor before making any major changes to their diet. Some foods rich in certain nutrients should be avoided if they interact with medications poorly. For example, many elderly patients on blood thinners must limit spinach consumption because of its high Vitamin K content.

Resolutions to Improve Safety at Home

There are always ways to improve the safety of your loved one’s home. Taking safety precautions in the home can help reduce injury risks. Generally, a good place to start is in high-risk areas. Install handrails in the bathroom. Secure railings on staircases. Limit tripping hazards by removing area rugs. Add motion-sensor nightlights to aid with nighttime bathroom trips. Overall, look for ways to reduce potential injuries and accidents in your loved one’s home. Reducing injury risks in the home can be important in reducing the need for more serious elder care in the future.

Elder Care and Online Finances

Whenever you are trying to improve your elderly loved one’s care, it can important to discuss finances. Unfortunately, many elderly individuals struggle with the ever-growing technology in the finance world. Banks and other financial institutions attempt to make things more convenient by providing online access, but these may be confusing to your elderly loved one. Make a resolution to help teach them how to use these apps and websites. This can help them be more financially responsible.

Seeking More Help for Your Elderly Loved One

If you believe your loved one needs more help in their daily life than you are able to provide them, you may need to consider hiring help. Hiring a home health aide is a good way to improve your loved one’s overall daily care. A licensed home health aide from Safeharbor is trained to assist your loved one with meal prep, housekeeping, taking medications, going to doctor’s appointments, and more. Additionally, they provide companionship by keeping them company during the day.

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