Spring is in the air. As days become longer and warmer, it may be time to get your elderly loved one out of the house. Below, we will discuss some budget-friendly activities for the Spring.

Wheelchair-Accessible Trails

Trails that are wheelchair-accessible can be a good way to help your loved one get out and about. Wheelchair-accessible trails are wide and paved. Because of this, it can be easy to take your loved one out for a stroll. Whether they are wheelchair-bound or need a cane, these trails can be a good way for them to get fresh air and maybe some exercise. On Staten Island, the Greenbelt’s Multipurpose Trail is a beautiful area that has plenty of space to travel over the season. It is also free to use. Clove Lakes and Silver Lakes Parks also have some paved walkways that can be good for seniors.

Stargazing and Cloud Watching

Stargazing and cloud watching is fun, budget-friendly activities that can be quite relaxing. These hobbies can also be great bonding activities with younger grandchildren. For best results with stargazing, you will generally want to invest in a telescope. However, almost any budget-friendly model will be better than the naked eye. You can also look online for information regarding meteor showers and other astrological events. Check out the American Meteor Society’s website for a schedule of upcoming showers.

Budget-Friendly Walking Games

Phone games that reward you for walking are often budget-friendly. Games like Pokemon GO, Ingress, and Geocaching can keep seniors busy when walking around the block, or doing outdoor activities. These games are also great for bonding with teenage or young adult-age grandchildren. Many are free or offer in-app purchases. Some may require minor subscription fees. Find one that might be right for your loved one, and play together.


If your loved one has a windowsill or backyard that can support a small garden you may want to get them started. Small herb gardens or easy-to-grow vegetables can be simple to manage while providing fresh ingredients in the weeks to come. Depending on the available space, starting an herb garden can be especially budget-friendly. Help your elderly loved one get their green thumb this Spring.

Budget-Friendly Museum Visits

There are plenty of museums in the New York City area that offer interesting and insightful exhibits. Many offer senior discounts or even free days for the elderly. Overall, museum outings can be a great change of pace for your elderly loved one.

Sketching or Coloring

Art can be a great way for your senior loved one to express themselves. Coloring books and sketch pads can offer your loved one a creative outlet. Consider taking them to the park to draw landscapes.

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