Many seniors struggle with having to go to the bathroom at night. As you age, it can be harder to control your bladder, and harder to navigate to it at night. Medication side effects, incontinence, and insomnia are a few common reasons for late-night trips to the toilet. This article will provide tips for making these trips safer.

Install Safety Rails in the Bedroom and Bathroom

Safety rails are a common addition for many senior bathrooms. However, they can also be helpful in the bedroom. A safety rail in the bedroom can help keep your loved one from falling as they get out of bed, and support them along the way.

Motion Sensor Night Lights

Night lights can be helpful in reducing falls during late-night bathroom trips. However, they can also affect your loved one’s sleep. Motion sensor night lights can make sure that your elderly loved one has the light they need, without making it harder to go back to sleep after.

Slip-Resistant Flooring

It is important to reduce the risks of slips and trips, so moving to slip-resistant flooring in your loved one’s home can be helpful. Area rugs can be a major tripping hazard, especially during the night. When shopping for flooring options, avoid harder surfaces like tile, which can make falls more dangerous.

Highlight the Path to the Bathroom

This tip can be especially helpful if your loved one has Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Consider using colored tape or glow-in-the-dark material to highlight the path from the bedroom to the bathroom. Along with night lights, your loved one can find the bathroom easier, even if they are dealing with a bout of confusion. Additionally, consider painting the bathroom door a brighter color to help draw their focus.

Raise the Toilet Seat

Many bathroom injuries for seniors involve sitting on the toilet or getting up. While safety rails can help reduce this, raising the toilet seat can also be helpful. A higher toilet seat can make it easier for them to get up and down. This is especially helpful if they suffer from back, knee, or joint pain.

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