Autumn is a season filled with fun activities for children. Thankfully, there are plenty that can be enjoyable for both children and their elderly grandparents. This article will explore some fun Autumnal bonding activities for seniors and children. When choosing activities listed here, consider your elderly loved one’s level of mobility.

Pumpkin Decorating

Decorating pumpkins for Halloween is a lot of fun for kids. With younger children, consider painting small pumpkins. For teens, carving pumpkins can be a step up, provided that they can handle the responsibility of using a knife. Be sure to go over safety precautions with them. Carving may be difficult for elderly grandparents who are losing hand strength or coordination, so plan accordingly.

Autumnal Walks

Taking a walk outside can be great in the fall. The cool breeze and changing leaves can make for wonderful walking weather. However, fallen leaves can create potential hazards for elderly individuals. Leaves can hide tripping hazards, and wet leaves can become slippery. Be sure to clear the path when possible, or provide support when necessary.

Orchard Visits

Orchards are fun places to visit in the fall. Consider going apple-picking with the whole family. When choosing an orchard, consider their handicap accessibility. Choosing an orchard that allows for wheelchairs, or accommodates those with limited mobility. Be careful navigating orchards, as it can be easy to slip on fallen fruits.

Fall Hayrides

Many orchards and other community events during the fall may offer hayrides. Some might include a haunted theme for Halloween. If your loved one is able to get up on the platform, it can be a fun Fall activity for the whole family. Avoid hayrides with jump-scares or those geared towards horror, as they may not be good for seniors or younger children.

Autumn Baking

There are plenty of delicious, seasonal treats to bake in the fall. Try baking various fall-weather pies, like apple or pecan, with the family. Cooking and baking with grandparents can be a great way to pass on family traditions and old recipes.
If you decide to carve pumpkins, save and clean the seeds. You can bake pumpkin seeds in the oven and tossed with spices for a healthy snack.

Autumnal Arts and Crafts

Simple arts and crafts projects can be a great way to entertain grandkids. Leaf rubbings with crayons, or creating an Autumn wreath can be fun projects to get your kids interested in art. Grandparents can be a big help in projects like this.

Decorate for the Autumnal Holidays

It can be hard for seniors to decorate their homes without assistance. Have your children lend a hand, so that your elderly loved ones can get into the holiday spirit. Decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving can be a good way to get the whole family excited.

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