Caring for aging parents can be a delicate and often overwhelming process. The elderly can slowly lose their independence, and it becomes harder and harder to be there for all of their needs. Soon you come to the major question: in-home care, or nursing home? There are many benefits to keeping your loved one at home with an in-home nurse to assist them in their daily lives; and needs.

Aging in Place

    It can be difficult for an elderly person to uproot their lives and move into a nursing home. It can be especially hard for those suffering with diseases like Alzheimer’s or Dementia, who can become easily confused in new places. When someone moves into a nursing home, they often have to relinquish much of the autonomy that they are used to. By staying at home and hiring a home health aide; your loved ones can feel more comfortable and more independent.

Being There When You Can’t

    It can be hard to juggle work, life, your children’s needs and activities, and your parents. With a home health aide, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being properly looked after. Aides give you the assurance that your loved ones can go about their daily lives without risking their safety as much.

Medical Care at Home

    Whether your loved one has complex medical needs, or has to take a few pills daily; having access to a medical professional at home can ensure that those needs are met. Medications can often be confusing to follow for the elderly. They may even forget to take certain medications at the right times. Having a medical professional assist them with taking their pills can be vital to their wellbeing. The one-on-one care and support from an in-home nurse or aide can be extremely beneficial to their health and safety.

Diet & Nutrition

    Proper nutrition is important for healthy living. Many elderly people struggle to provide a proper diet and balanced nutrition for themselves. Home Health Aides can help your loved one combat malnutrition and can even provide home-cooked meals; that cater to dietary restrictions and nutritional needs.

Exercise & Physical Therapy

    While a home health aide is not a physical therapist, they can assist your loved one in exercising and keeping active. They may go for walks with your loved one or assist them in stretching that can help slow muscular atrophy that comes with old age.

Household Care

Home health aides take care of some light household upkeep and chores, that can keep the space clean and free of tripping hazards for your loved one. Some of these chores can include laundry, vacuuming, doing the dishes, etc. These tasks can help maintain a safe environment for your loved one.


    In-home care can be significantly more affordable than a nursing home or assisted living facility. According to the National Association of Home Care, the average cost of home health care is less than 4 times that of the average nursing home per day.


    Elderly people that live alone can become very lonely; especially those who can’t travel without assistance. Part of home healthcare is providing much needed companionship to keep your loved one happy. Aides can be trusted friends for walks, playing cards and other games, watching movies, eating meals, and other social activities. Their aide can also accompany them or provide assistance in tasks such as grocery shopping or medical appointments where their support can be very helpful.

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