Sitting in the shade of your porch with a good book is a great way to spend the Summer. But for many seniors, the Summer sun can pose additional health hazards. Below, we will discuss tips for some outdoor Summer reading sessions for seniors.

In the Summer, Shade is Your Friend

While you may want to enjoy the sunshine, it is much safer to stay in the shade. If you are adamant about sitting in the sun, be sure to do so for short intervals before cooling down in a shady spot. When in the sun, be sure to wear a sun hat and sunscreen.

E-Books vs Paper Books

If you are tech-savvy enough to use an e-book, that’s great. However, a physical book may be better for use outside. Tablets and e-readers may not operate as well in the heat, especially out in the sun. They can overheat, or even get too hot to the touch. Generally, your best bet is to use a physical book for your outdoor reading activities.

Using Reading Glasses Outside

A good pair of reading glasses can be helpful for getting through your book. Be sure to take them off before moving around. Prevent eye strain by taking them off or looking over your reading glasses to look at people or objects that are further away. You can also prevent yourself from losing them by adding a neck chain.

Invest in a Book Rest

A book rest can be helpful for those who struggle with holding objects for long periods of time. Those that struggle with arthritis, neuropathy, and conditions that cause pain or numbness can benefit from a book rest. Additionally, those living with conditions that cause shakiness, such as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis can also find these helpful. Even without these conditions, you may find that a book rest makes your reading sessions more comfortable.

Stay Hydrated in the Summer

Many people suffer from dehydration, especially during the Summer months. But for older individuals, this risk can be greater. If you are spending more time outside, it is vital that you drink plenty of water. Staying cool and hydrated is the key to reducing heat-related illness or injury.

Take Breaks to Go Indoors

Cool off inside occasionally, to reduce the risk of heat exposure. Take this time to refill your water, grab a healthy snack such as a fruit, or do other light activities. Taking a break from being outside can help you regulate your body temperature.

The Best Times to Enjoy the Outdoors in the Summer

Generally, the day is hottest from noon to about 2 PM. To help you stay cool and still enjoy the summer weather, try going outside before or after the hottest hours of the day. Mosquitos and other pest bugs are more likely to be active around dusk, so be sure to move inside before then. Consider what times of day there is more shade in your yard. Ideally, you should have plenty of shade to relax in, so be sure to take note of what times work best for your outdoor time.

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