As your loved ones age, it becomes harder and harder for them to fully care for themselves independently. When deciding how to best provide care for your loved one as they age, many families try to figure out whether or not to take their loved one out of their home. Should you let them keep some of their independence with in-home care, or put them in a nursing home or assisted living?

Personal Care

In a nursing home, it can be difficult for your loved one to receive personal care from a dedicated nurse. Nurses in elder care facilities cover a large number of patients daily. Home nursing care can give your loved one more personal, one-on-one medical care. Overall, this helps cultivate care that focuses on their needs. Home care nurses communicate with a Nursing Supervisor to ensure that your loved one’s needs are taken care of; and that any changes to treatment or medication is recorded.


Independence is one of the most important things to consider when you are thinking about your loved one’s elderly care. If your loved one has the ability to take care of themselves, even in a limited capacity, you may want to consider keeping them out of a nursing home. As long as their medical condition is not extreme. This will help them feel more self-sufficient. In-home care with a nurse or home aide can allow for your loved one to maintain their independence, while still being looked after. Generally, a home health aide assists with light housekeeping and minor tasks that your loved one may not be able to do by themselves anymore.


The cost of an assisted living facility or a nursing home can often exceed the funds available to your loved one. Most nursing homes force families to shelter assets from the nursing home. Some nursing homes will even kick a resident out when their funds run dry. In-home care and assistance can be much more affordable for the elderly and their families.

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