Presenting the idea of assisted living to a loved one is one of life's most difficult events. It is as if the human brain turns off rationality whenever the idea comes to mind that we are unable to care for ourselves or complete some task or another alone. Don't believe it? Just try helping a 3 year old do something that he or she has their mind set on.

"I do it myself!" is the likely answer.

While you may laugh at this example, the 3 year old, in all of us, screams and kicks when it feels as if someone doubts our abilities in one way or anther. This never changes and when you are trying to convince an aging parent or grandparent to have someone come into their home to provide some sort of aid… be prepared for the kicking and screaming.

There are some ways that you can approach the topic without making it sound like you doubt their abilities to take care of themselves or their home. If your loved one is spending far too much time alone, use this as a selling point of in-home care. You do not need to mention that it is for care purposes. , rather mention that you have heard of a friend whose mother/father/sister has someone come in and "sit" with them for a few hours a day. Focus on how the person in your example is happier with someone to talk to.

Many elderly people are afraid of being burdens on their families. You can also use this (in a positive way, never use negative speech!) to help them choose in-home care. If your loved one always talks about how they hate bothering you, bring up how much easier it would be for them to have an aide or nurse stop by a few times a week. If they bristle at this idea, bring up how they always say they feel as if they are "bothering" you and that with an aide or a nurse to take care of those needs, you and your loved one can focus on spending quality time together.

While we are speaking of things that make older people afraid, probably the biggest fear is being forced to leave their home and move into a nursing home. If you know that the person you care for is afraid of this, bring up the fact that with in-home care they can stay home far longer than without. In-home care is also more cost effective than a nursing facility! Not only can your aging parent or grandparent age in place, they can do so without going bankrupt.