As you age, many elderly individuals see their family less. It is a sad truth, but one that you can work towards improving. As grandchildren get older, they begin to become more independent and start forging their own paths. These paths can include college, careers, and relationships. While you might feel like your grandchildren aren’t calling enough, there are still ways to keep communicating with the younger generation. This article will discuss ways you can still be a part of your younger relatives’ lives as they grow older.

Find Out their Schedule

If your grandchildren are working or in college, they are likely on a set schedule. Finding out this schedule, from them or their parents can make it easier for you to connect with them. If they are working a job with shifting work times, ask for times when they are generally free from work. Overall, knowing your grandchild’s schedule can make finding the right time to talk easier.

Communicating via Texting

Most younger people prefer to text rather than call. If you are able to text, try talking to them in this way. It is often easier to get them to respond via text while they are busy than for them to pick up the phone. If you are not sure how to text, don’t be afraid to ask your children, grandchildren, or home aide for help.

Initiate Conversations

Unfortunately, many grandkids don’t do weekly visits or calls with their grandparents. Generally, pressuring them to call you is not an incentive for many of them to pick up the phone. Don’t be afraid to initiate communication, yourself. Sending a text or giving them a call after they get out of work can be nice. Overall, the most important thing is to be appreciative of the time you do get to communicate with them. Making them feel bad for not calling or visiting can actually cause your grandchildren to not want to talk to you as much.

Communicating Over Social Media

Many people of the younger generation use social media apps. If you have a smartphone, you may be able to connect with them on these apps. Facebook is a good place to start. If are a bit more tech-savvy, Instagram can also be a popular platform for connecting with your family. While not as direct as phone calls or texts, Social media is a good way for you to see more of what’s going on in the lives of your family members. Try asking your loved ones for help in setting up a social media account.

Understanding Busy Schedules

Many young people lead busy lives these days. Working a 9-5 is not as common as decades past. Young people often work longer hours, second jobs, and still try to lead socially active lives. Therefore, communicating often with them is not always possible. Especially if you are retired, they may not be able to chat or visit on your schedule as often as you would like.

Communicating and Asking for Help

Whether it’s for help around the house, or help with newer technology, it is never a bad thing to ask for help. Your grandkids can be extremely helpful in teaching you about technology that can help you connect with them better. Adapting to technology, such as video chat and texting, can offer new ways of communicating with loved ones.

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