Many families like to be involved in their loved one’s care, in addition to hiring a home health aide or nurse. Working with your loved one’s aide allows for a more complete care strategy. Just because you hire a home health aide for your loved one, it doesn’t mean you can’t be involved in their care if you wish. This article will discuss tips for coordinating with your loved one’s aide, to begin caregiving as a team.

Caregiving Plans

Devising a caregiving plan with your loved one’s aide is a good way to help provide more quality care overall. Working alongside their caretaker will give you the peace of mind that your loved one is receiving proper care. Additionally, be sure to include your elderly loved one’s input when possible. Coordinating with all parties allows everyone involved to feel more comfortable with caregiving plans.

Caregiving Routines

Working routines can be beneficial to an elderly person. By sticking to similar routines as their caretaker you can make things easier for your loved one. Routines can be especially important when medications have to be taken at certain times. Additionally, eating at about the same time each day is good for your loved one’s metabolism. Generally, eating too early or late can affect their day, especially if they have medications to take with meals.

Making Appointments

Coordinating as your loved one’s caregiving team can also make it easier to handle doctor’s appointments. Your loved one’s caregiver can accompany them to appointments as needed. Whether you, your loved one, or their aide makes the appointment, communication is key to ensuring that your loved one gets there.

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