Millions of Americans each year work full-time jobs while also acting as primary caregivers for their elderly or disabled loved ones. Unfortunately, the level of care needed to ensure their safety and comfort is a full-time job itself. More than half of family caregivers feel like they have to compromise between their own careers and the health and safety of elderly individuals in their care. While the sacrifices of family caregivers are noble, your individual career goals should not be held back at the expense of taking care of your loved one.

Family Caregivers and Their Careers

Roughly 34 million Americans offer unpaid care to elderly family members every year, and this number is growing every year. Unfortunately, most of these people also work full-time to support themselves and their families as well. 43% of family caregivers feel that their careers have suffered because of the sacrifices they make to care for their elderly family members. This may lead to caregivers resenting their loved one, or feeling unfulfilled in their own lives.

The Stress of Caregiving and a Career

Stress management is incredibly important to maintaining a successful career. However, many family caregivers may not have the ability to spend time on stress-relieving activities. Stress management can be difficult to fit into any schedule. Let alone one where you are working full-time, maintaining your usual family duties, and also caring for an elderly individual.

Considering Care Options for Your Loved One

If your elderly loved one needs others to help take care of themselves, you may want to consider their options. Home health care allows your loved one to maintain their independence while still receiving the care that they need. Moving to a nursing home or other elder care facility can be daunting for many elderly individuals. And it may not be necessary for the level of care that they require. Furthermore, the financial and legal hoops a family must jump through to protect their loved one’s assets before moving into a nursing home facility can take a long time to establish.

SafeHarbor Healthcare Services provides professional home health aides and in-home nursing care to the elderly and disabled. Your loved one’s home health aide can help them with a number of daily tasks, including medication reminders, going to doctor’s appointments, light housekeeping, and more.

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