Your loved one’s ability to practice self care can be incredibly important. This can be anywhere from being able to brush their teeth, to regularly taking medicine, and being able to go out and accomplish tasks. A lack of self care is often one of the biggest reasons families hire assistance for their loved one. If your loved one is struggling to take care of their basic needs; you may want to consider hiring a home health aide to assist them.

Self Care and Hygiene

Personal hygiene is often one of the most common signs that your loved one can not properly care for themselves. However, it can also be overlooked. Not being able to properly bathe because of pain or mobility concerns can be common. Some elderly people lose the energy or the wherewithal to launder their clothes as they age. Unkempt hair and physical appearance can be a good sign that they are struggling to care for themselves properly. Poor dental hygiene can also be a sign. Especially if your loved one’s hygiene practices are usually in order, it can be easy to notice a change in their appearance, or smell.

Driving Habits

Your love one’s self care can extend to how they drive. Taking care on the road is vital for safety, no matter your age. You may notice that your loved one’s vehicle has new dings and scratches. They may seem more anxious or agitated when driving than before. Near-misses with other drivers or even pedestrians can be a sign that your loved one is not as attentive on the road as they used to be. Visit the DMV website here for more information and resources regarding elderly drivers.

Meals and Self Care

Your loved one might also slack on nutrition and being able to properly feed themselves. Meal preparation can become more difficult with joint pain or weakened mental state. It is not uncommon for elderly people to leave the stove unattended because they forget. Inconsistent meals or forgetting to eat entirely can be dangerous, as well.

Forgetting Medications

It is not uncommon for elderly people to forget to take medications. Unfortunately, forgetting to take daily pills can have consequences. Symptoms will often return or worsen as medicine goes unused. It is very important that medicine is taken as scheduled. Additionally, many medicines require that they be taken with food, for the patient’s benefit. Forgetting to take pills during meal time (or forgetting meals) can be troublesome. Talk with your loved one’s doctor for ways to improve planning with medication. 


Mobility can be an issue that ties in closely to many others. A lack of mobility can mean that your loved one can’t get in and out of the shower. Instability can make stairs hazardous. Immobility can stop your loved one from being able to prepare a meal or to take care of other basic needs.

Hiring the Right Help for Their Needs

A Home Health Aide can help your loved one in fulfilling their daily needs. Our staff of certified aides can help care for your loved one and maintain a safe home environment for them. Home healthcare gives your loved one a sense of comfort and independence while working towards improving their quality of life.

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