Every day brings something new – confusion, wrong information, tensions, and fear. Sometimes it is hard to find the good in this crazy world which leads to anxiety.

Modern Life and Anxiety

The world can be a very scary place if you let it. It can be hard to avoid the news of increasing crime, a new strain of COVID, or the war in Ukraine. While it is important to stay informed, anxiety and depression can easily take a hold of us. Worry, guilt, and sadness are exhausting. We never know what the next hour will bring, let alone the future. Understanding where your anxieties are coming from is the first step in overcoming them.

Combatting Anxiety

So, how do we combat these emotions that threaten us every day? How do we keep our sanity when most daily activities can lead to doubtful outcomes? Experts say we are uncomfortable with uncertainty so we look to the news for answers and reassurance. Unfortunately, this can increase anxiety and cause information overload. We need to stay in the present and identify exactly what it is that’s creating this emotional turmoil in us. Once we identify the cause, use it to help others – put it to good use. This will help our bodies relieve stress and let go of the anxiety. Releasing stress can affect our sleep patterns, and improve overall physical and mental well-being.
If you are anxious over the war in Ukraine, consider donating to a relief effort, or joining a volunteer group that sends supplies abroad. If it is isolation due to COVID, consider joining an online group. There are many ways to join an online book club or exercise group, depending on what you’re interested in. Connecting with others and finding ways to enjoy your time can help reduce anxiety, overall. Consider asking a tech-savvy family member to help you connect with others online.

Looking for the Positive

Putting on a positive attitude can make a big difference. Start by looking for the good in everyday activities. Skip the newspaper and television news channels for a few days to clear your thoughts. Watch a funny TV show instead and laugh. Counting your blessings instead of worries is definitely a challenge, but it is the best way to slowly let go of the stress and anxiety. Consciously staying positive and in the present will ensure the right path to a more peaceful life.

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