Autumn is almost here, and with it comes cool weather and fun, festive activities. The fall can be a good time to make family memories with elderly loved ones. This article will explore 5 fun Autumn activities you and your children can do together with your elderly loved ones.

Autumn Orchard Visits

Going apple or pumpkin picking can be a fun Fall activity for people of all ages. If your loved one has mobility issues, be sure to check if the orchard has accommodations for the elderly and disabled. Otherwise, you can always bring the pumpkins and apples home to keep the activities going.

Baking Festive Pies

Nothing says Autumn quite like a fresh-baked pie. Baking is a great family activity, where everyone can get involved. If your loved one isn’t able to walk around the orchard, baking a pie with fresh ingredients is the next best thing. Your elderly family members may even have recipes to pass down to the family.

Pumpkin Painting

Carving pumpkins can be a dangerous activity for children and the elderly alike. Avoid accidental injuries by painting pumpkins. Painting a pumpkin can be a fun, safe way to decorate for the holidays. Acrylic paints are recommended, as they will stay on the pumpkin longer. Be sure to wash and dry the pumpkin first, for best results.

Halloween Fun

Sharing ghost stories with the family can be a fun and festive activity for family members of all ages. There are plenty of family-friendly sources online for folk stories and spooky tales. If you have older children, a scary movie night can also be a fun family activity, provided that your elderly loved one can handle it too.

Autumn Walks

Taking a walk with the family can be a great way to get fresh air and enjoy the changing leaves. Be sure to take care when walking with elderly family members, who may have difficulty walking, as fallen leaves can be slippery.

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