Seniors sometimes resist help because they want to maintain their independence. It is important to help them, while maintaining their feeling of freedom. Home health care exists because your loved one wants to feel like they are still in control, and living independently. Even if they want to maintain their independence, they may still need some extra support. Below, we will discuss a few ways you can make your loved one’s life a little easier, while helping them maintain their sense of freedom.

Easy Access

Making your loved one’s life easier starts with putting things within reach. Organize their living space to make things easier to reach. High shelves can present hazards for your loved one, while lower level storage can be a problem for bending. Open shelving can be helpful for a more forgetful loved one. Items they use more often should be within reach.

Easy to Put on Clothing

Many older people have trouble with buttons or zippers. Consider buying pants with elastic waistbands and pull-over shirts. This can help them get dressed without needing support, which will make them feel more confident.

Choices Matter for Seniors

Making choices, even small ones, make us feel independent. Supporting your loved ones choices and giving them options can be a good way to boost their morale. Let them pick the movie, or ask them what they would like for dinner. Even if you narrow down the choices, letting them have options will make them feel better.

Encourage Activity

Active lifestyles help improve your loved one’s health and fosters a feeling of independence. Regular physical activity can improve strength and mobility. Going for walks, trips to the store, or exercise classes should be encouraged. Getting out of the house makes elderly people feel more independent.

Age-Friendly Home Upgrades

Some minor changes to your loved one’s living space can make a big difference in their ability to be independent. Grab bars in the shower and near the toilet are important for maintaining balance and mobility. A shower chair can also be an important bathroom upgrade. Elevated toilet seats can reduce the amount of difficulty your loved one has going to the bathroom. Recliners with stand-up assistance can be a great asset for elderly people with weaker knees. If your loved one is wheelchair-bound, there are a lot of different changes you can make to the home to be more accommodating.

Hiring a Home Healthcare Professional

Often, seniors do not like receiving care from younger family members. Role reversal from “caregiver” to “cared for” can feel uncomfortable for them. Hiring a home healthcare professional can allow your loved one to feel independent while still receiving the care they need. A home healthcare professional can also assist your loved one when you aren’t available. You can improve your loved one’s quality of life while allowing them to feel like they are still their own person.

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