Senior woman in a wheelchair Elderly people (65 years and older) are more prone to heat stress than younger individuals for many reasons:


• Elderly people don’t adjust well as young people do to abrupt changes in temperature.

• They are more probable to have a prolonged medical condition that upsets normal body responses to warmer temperatures.

• They are more likely to take prescription medicines that weaken the body's capability to balance its temperature.


Tips to protect the elderly from heat-related stress:

• Drink plenty of water, non-alcoholic, and non-caffeinated beverages. Also, avoid exceptionally cold liquids since they cause cramps.

• Make sure to get enough sleep.

• Take a nice cool shower or bath.

• Seek an air-conditioned environment if it’s probable.

• If you don't have air conditioning, go visit an air-conditioned shopping mall or store to cool off right away.

• Wear clothes that are loose.

• If you can, stay indoors during the heat of the day.

• Stay away from vigorous activities.

• Sunblocks and sunscreens with (SPF 15) are extremely helpful when one is exposed to direct sunlight.